Greenmountain Castle

Information – Information desk Nepomuk, square of A. Nemejc 127


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Adress of castle:
OU Klaster (zamek Zelena Hora)
Klaster 1
335 01 p. Nepomuk 1
Czech republic

Visit of castle:

On the way to castle: Double-deck behind gate to the left has been burgrave. On the right is broch, where has been round-house, already in the year 1560. Along church is grande stable for the horse. In 1688 Václav Vojtěch of Šternberk ordaind the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin at present form. In the church vestry were czech crown jewels in 1449 located.

Castle has been built in the form stifle shoe und is architecturally primitive. It has two original floors, third with oval windows has been modified at attic as late as 19th century. Castle has been several times and properly rebuilt (last time in the year 1911).

Entry into a castle finding in western-wing, it is simply arched passage. In the stalls western-wing were castellan-housing. Easter-wing is ornamented with tower, which was here build up in 17th century. Present-form is from year 1903. It is ornamented with clock, iron-plate cone and gilt cupola. In an amount second floor is terrace. Southern-wing is main castle building, is long 68m and includes mostly rooms. V 18th century were here arcade underpass build up. Left door underneath arcade underpass is to main castle stair, right door to room, where have been found the manuscript of Zelená Hora.

Responsible rooms in visit (listed rooms):
Libuse-hall, where was found the manuscript of Zelená Hora, Sternberk room, Emperor room (was sleeping here at visit Austrian-emperor Josef II. and Franz-Josef I.). Sternberk-hall is ornamented with ceiling painting (here sleeping at visit Austrian-empress Maria-Theresia in the year 1743). Library, where be sitting Greenmountain unity.

Aristocratic genus on castle:
Svamberk (1420 – 1464)
Sternberk (1464 – 1726)
Martinic (1726 – 1784)
Colloredo – Mansfeld (1784 – 1852)
Auersperg (1852 – 1931)
History of castle:

As legend tells us, in 977 St. Adalber stood on a piece of the rock protruding from the presbytery floor when he blessed in period drought a local folk. With that began rain and torrid mountain turn green (from here Greenmountain). First written allusion is from year 1221. In years 1436-1454 here Hynek Krusina of Svamberk build up the stronghold. Under sb.’s rule Zdenek of Šternberk in year 1465 was here of Catholic monarchs found Greenmountain unity. Members concluded agreement, that they will help for a period of 5 years against Czech-king George of Podebrady, which was Calixtine.

Václav Vojtěch of Sternberk had left in years 1670-1688 the stronghold into Early-baroque castle. In year 1817 have been found here the manuscript of Zelená Hora – maybe oldest in Czech written memory. To this day are disputes for their authenticity. Since 1938 the whole chateau complex was dilapidating. In 1950 chateau got under the military administration. Here served compulsory military service writer Miloslav Svandrlik (wrote about it the novel The Black Barons). In 1992 return castle to ownership village Klaster. In 1992 shoot here cinema The Black Barons and in the same period French filmmakers shot here parts of film Catherine the Courageous and serial John Sinclair.

In presents is castle in overhaul.

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